Devin Booker transitions to full-time point guard for Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul's departure leaves Booker as floor general of the Suns.

Booker's late-game playmaking secures a victory against Golden State.

League-wide trend sees scorers taking on primary point guard roles.

James Harden's move to point guard elevates his career to new heights.

NBA's top 20 scorers include many playing as point guards.

Coaches emphasize versatility over traditional "true point guard" role.

Offensive systems focus on concepts, spacing, and fewer set plays.

Suns face challenges with injuries but Booker excels in new role.

Booker's stats reach career highs, proving success in lead guard position.

Team offensive efficiency records continue to be broken across the league.

Devin Booker's smooth transition as point guard signals a new era in NBA playmaking.